Zeus Gentilcore

May 7, 2007 – May 13, 2022

Born in Youngstown, OH, Zeus was adopted in August, 2008 from Angels for Animals in Canfield, OH.  He loved to curl up in a cozy spot and play with his stuffed avocado.  When Zeus was younger he would fetch toys.  In the almost 14 years he was with us, he was part of our journey from Ohio, to Pennsylvania, then to Virginia. 

The memory of when we’d arrive home, Zeus would be sitting at the 2nd floor landing with a look stating, “Where have you been?” will be a favorite and one missed most.  Being a part of a household with dogs, Zeus was definitely the boss!  Since animals are creatures of habit, he would be waiting in the kitchen by the treat cabinet when you would come downstairs in the morning.  If you put off giving him a treat, he had one heck of a demanding meow!

Zeus is survived by me, his mom; dad, Jason; siblings, Gianna, Madison, Hadee and Kenobi.  He was preceded in death by a sibling, Optimus; who crossed the Bridge in August, 2019.

Zeus will be greatly missed and we will forever cherish our memories of him.

  • Dena Gentilcore