Tiera Sue-Ann Trayer

November 7, 2004 - January 18, 2022
Tiera came into my life over 17 years ago as a 16th birthday present. Little did I know, she'd be the best gift I'd ever receive. She was the most loyal, loving dog on the planet. She had a personality unlike any other dog, and has many people who love her dearly. She was truly one of a kind, especially for a sparky little chihuahua. 
Tiera's all time favorite thing to do was go for bye-bye's. She had a car seat that hung around the headrest of the front seat, so that all 3 lbs of her could see out the window. She would look around the whole time, no matter how long the car ride was. She at one point in her life enjoyed long walks, but as she got older, long walks were no longer enjoyable, so we got a stroller instead. She loved her strolls around the neighborhood, and would look around curiously the entire walk. Tiera also loved food, but especially double cheesy burgers and chicky mcnuggy's from McDonalds. She loved anything mommy did and wanted to go with her everywhere, even when it was something that she didn't always find enjoyable. Water was not her favorite, but she wouldn't dare let mommy leave her home on a pool day. Her favorite spot was always next to mommy on the couch, where daddy was never allowed to sit because it was her spot. 
Tiera is survived by her mommy- Mallory, daddy- Ian, fur sister- Trixie, Grandpa- Scott, Grandma- Pam, and Mimi- Debbie. May you forever rest in peace my sweet angel. Mommy will miss you more than you'll ever know.