Heckles Flanigan

We adopted Heckles from our neighbors, who were moving across the country.  He loved to sunbathe on his cat tower near the window.  Heckles enjoyed playing with bendable pipe cleaners; the soft ones.  He would play fetch with toy mice, like a dog.  Heckles also liked being wrapped around my neck.

My favorite memories are every day when I would came home, Heckles was always there to greet me, love me, and be a bit of a comic relief.  He loved to cuddle and his presence was always soothing.

Maxwell “Max” Clark

September 22, 2007 – May 10, 2022

Max found us at a pet store when he was 8 weeks old and less than 2 pounds; he was the last in his litter.  Max enjoyed being carried everywhere and ride in his stroller.  Max loved playing with his squeaky fox. He wasn’t much for tricks, but Max could trick anyone into giving him more treats by “talking”.  He graduated from Pet Smart’s Obedience School in 2008. 

Zeus Gentilcore

May 7, 2007 – May 13, 2022

Born in Youngstown, OH, Zeus was adopted in August, 2008 from Angels for Animals in Canfield, OH.  He loved to curl up in a cozy spot and play with his stuffed avocado.  When Zeus was younger he would fetch toys.  In the almost 14 years he was with us, he was part of our journey from Ohio, to Pennsylvania, then to Virginia. 

Foofy Mays

Merlin "Foofy" was born April 19, 2007 in Lansing, Michigan. He passed away May 13, 2022 at South Branch Animal hospital surrounded by family. He had fought and survived cancer but succumbed to kidney failure. 

Bailey Grubb


10/15/2008 - 5/3/2022


Bailey was adopted by our grand-daughter, Jesse, from the SPCA.  She loved to chase squirrels and make her family laugh at her silly antics.  Bailey was always smiling and loved everyone.  She especially enjoyed her treats.  Bailey was a good dog and will be greatly missed.  She is survived by me, Jesse, Dick and Rick.

  • Barbara Grubb

Daisy Mae Crim

03/12/11 – 03/29/22

Daisy came into our lives as a gift from my sister, Tammy.  She stole my heart right away!  Daisy loved to lie in the sun and play with her stuffed pink bunny.  She liked to talk to us in her own special way.  When Daisy was four, my husband gave her French fries; she was so spoiled.

She is survived by me, her mom; dad, Scott; and siblings, Della Mae and Grizzy.  Daisy, we will miss you.  The Grandkids, Cameron, Easton and Addi, will miss you like crazy.  Fly high baby Girl!!

Emma Dawson

10/15/2005 – 3/24/2022

Emma was adopted as a puppy from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.  She enjoyed eating, playing and sleeping.  Emma could speak and would say “I love you”. 

When she was young she loved the water.  We lived by a creek and Emma would zoom as fast as she could, running and then jumping into the creek.  She loved it and we would just laugh so hard.

Grandpa Max Maloney


Date of Birth:  14 May 2006

Date of Death:  25 March 2022

Place of Birth:  Unknown

Place of Death:  Winchester, VA